Third notification of Cycling Ireland Off-road Commission

This is the third notification of Cycling Ireland Off-road Commission Annual General Meeting (AGM).  This meeting will take place on Saturday 21 October 2017 – Carlton Hotel Dublin Airport.  Meet at 11:30 with start time at 12:00.  Tea and coffee will be available on arrival, however, there is no lunch scheduled so make sure you eat before you arrive.
This update has a list of the motions, nominations and number of delegates per club.


Who can attend?

All members of Cycling Ireland clubs can attend however only nominated delegates from the clubs are entitled to vote.  All attendees must sign in with their name, club, and licence number (2017).  A list of clubs with the number of delegates is given here.  Voting delegates must be aged 18 or over.  The calculation of the number of delegates per club is based on the Cycling Ireland Memos and Arts (here).


Looking back on 2017
Review of the minutes from 2016/17 AGM (link to minutes here)
DH report
XC report
Enduro report
CX report
Youth report
The year ahead

List of nominations

I, Lisa Millar, licence number 17LC1980, wish to nominate Martin Grimley for the position of Secretary.

Treasurer – no nominations

I, Michael Cowan, licence number 17A40785, would like to nominate Derek Cowan for the position of DH co-ordinator

Cross-country co-ordinator – no nominations

I, Kevin Devlin, licence number 17LC0082l would like to nominate Andrew Layhe for the position of Cyclo-cross co-ordinator.

I, Steven Bradley Team Moco chairman (licence number 17LC2008), would like to nominate Stephen McDonald as Enduro rep.

Youth Development Officer – no nominations

I, Orla Hendron, (licence number 17A40892), would like to nominate Silvia Gallagher for Women’s rep.

List of motions

I, Stephen McDonald, licence number 17LC0855, would like to put forward the following motion for Enduro.
Change the current 14/18 and 19/29 year old age cats.
Introduce 14/16 then 17/21 and 22/29 year old cats.
This would bring the 17/21 age group in line with EWS and simplify who is eligible on the local scene for HP budget funding.

I, Stephen McDonald, licence number 17LC0855, would like to put forward the following motion for Enduro.
Promote the 12/14 and current 14/18 (or new age classes) for medals at all future CI Enduro champs.
Also the 12/14 cat should have overall series results published.
Both these groups didn’t receive medals at this year’s champs test event much to the kid’s disappointment.

I, Stephen McDonald, licence number 17LC0855, would like to put forward the following motion for Enduro.
Introduce an E-Bike category.
Lots of guys have enquired about racing E Bikes to series organisers. Agree or not they are part of the sports future with rising sales and race events for them already throughout Europe.
One category for all riders on E bikes, regardless of bikes suspension or bike power output.
Riders would be a minimum of 14 years.
Ride the full loop and all race stages.
Receive their times for race stages and overall journey.
No medals, podiums or championship points at any event.
Carry spare battery packs if required for the event duration.

I, Stephen McDonald, licence number 17LC0855, would like to put forward the following motion for Enduro.
All wheelies, tricks, jumps etc. prohibited in the race paddock and car park area.
Verbal warning for a first offence, 5 minute penalty if caught again.
There have been a few near misses this season of spectators and vehicles nearly being struck/damaged by irresponsible riding around the paddock.

I, Stephen McDonald, licence number 17LC0855, would like to put forward the following motion for Enduro.
Number boards marked “Tech” introduced for officials and photographers on bicycles not competing.
This is the same system used at EWS rounds. There have been issues with riders not competing riding stages and claiming that they were officials to marshals, this should help clarify.

I, Emma Convey, 17LC0064, would like to put forward the following motion:
That the S3 category for women be reinstated as ‘S3 novice women’ and the races be run on the U14 courses at the same slot time as U14 boys and girls, and the S2 women category be moved back into the ‘main race’ for all intermediate women, running the S2 women after the S3 men with same number of laps and/or race length of time.
The objective of this is to try to lower the barrier to entry for novice women who wish to try XC racing and hopefully increase participation. S2 women also want longer races, so moving the race back to the main event will allow this, as it was previous to the 2017 season.

I, Derek Cowan, licence number 17LC2216 would like to propose the following motion in a an endeavour to increase number of competitors:
That a new DH Enduro category be introduced for the 2018 DH season to run as follows:
Seeding and Timing runs would be combined to arrive at the final finishing positions for the event;
Points will be awarded using the BDS Points System (250 for 1st, 200 for 2nd, 170 for 3rd, 150 for 4th, etc) to count towards the overall iDMS series;
There will be no restrictions on type of bike to be used, other than as required by Cycling Ireland regulations in respect of equipment suitability;
In this first year there will be no age-group/gender distinction for the category;
The age-group/gender distinction will be reviewed at the end of 2018 depending on number of entrants throughout that season;
Minimum age for the category will be 16 years;
Competitors will be charged the full standard Adult Race Fee;
The DH Enduro category will be included within the National Championships event, but will not be included as a CI National Championships category nor be eligible for Championships medals nor jerseys.

I, Andy Layhe, Licence number 17LC0467 would like to put forward the following motion.
Inclusion of a national cyclocross championship event for Junior Women category starting 2018. This ensures the Junior Women are equal to junior men. If the minimum number of entries isn’t received then Junior Women may compete with the Elite women.

I, Andy Layhe, Licence number 17LC0467 would like to put forward the following motion.
That selected Elite Women or Junior Women be allowed to race with the mens category in ‘Open’ cyclocross events subject to consideration and prior approval from the Cycling Ireland Cyclocross CoOrdinator. This will allow leading female riders and/or National Cyclocross Development Squad riders to race against higher quality opposition, enabling them to prepare for major events such as World Cups and World Championships.

I, Shane Fitzpatrick , Licence number 17LC1553 would like to put forward the following motion – that the DH & Enduro be a separate commission from XC & CX, within the off-road commission. So as to achieve a better transparency and equality in all disciplines when it comes to funding allocations, high performance training and time allocation at AGMs

I, Chris O’Callaghan, licence number 17LC2241 would like the following motions. I propose from I have seen that we separate the Gravity fed aspect which is DH AND ENDURO from what is XC and CX as the sports are complete opposite and preventing progress of going forward nurturing the potential talent. Can we have the Ltad included in the off road if separation does not go through?

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