XC National Championships

The cross-country national championships is a UCI event which takes in July each year. Below is a table showing results from national championships.

DateLocationHost clubResults
21 July 2024tbcTeam WORC
23 July 2023Bellurgan Park, Co. LouthBellurgan Wheelershere
24 July 2022Bellurgan Park, Co. LouthBellurgan Wheelershere
28 Aug 2021Tinkerhill MX - NewryChain Reaction Cycleshere
19 July 2020TBCCarn WheelersNot run due to COVID-19
21 July 2019Tracton WoodsMBCChere
22 July 2018Castlewellan ForestBanbridge CChere
23 July 2017Djouce WoodsEPIC MTBhere
17 July 2016Bellurgan Park, Co. LouthCuchulainn CChere
19 July 2015Bike Park IrelandBikePark Ireland, Off-road Commissionhere
20 July 2014Fossa, KillarneyKillarney CChere
21 July 2013Garvagh ForestCarn Wheelershere
22 July 2012Djouce WoodsTeam WORChere
17 July 2011KillrudderyTeam WORChere
18 July 2010Djouce WoodsEpic MTBhere
18 July 2009Dunmore MountainDromara CChere
20 July 2008KillrudderyTeam WORChere
23 July 2007TollymoreBanbridge CChere
16 July 2006Killrudderyhere
18 July 2004KillrudderyTeam WORChere
21 July 2002Killrudderyhere
6 Aug 2000Union Wood, Sligohere
25 July 1999Carrickbyrne, Co.WexfordBarrow Wheelershere
26 July 1998Phoenix Park, DublinCycle Ways / MADhere
28 Sept 1997Rosenallis, Co.Laoise here
1994KillrudderyBray Wheelershere