XC NPS Grading analysis utility

The Offroad Commission have developed a web-based utility which helps riders in upgradeable categories (SENIOR MEN 2,3,4, SENIOR WOMEN 2,3) to get an idea of how they may have performed in the next category up in the previous year, and thus project how they may perform in the following year if they opt to upgrade themselves.

Riders are free to upgrade themselves as they please, however riders wishing to downgrade must follow the request process described HERE.

 ** The link to the utility is HERE **


When you open the link, you will see a “parameters” pane on the right, this is where you can enter up to 4 rider’s names. “rider_name_1” will populate the table near the top of the window, and the other three parameters will populate the tables further down the page. Several SENIOR 2 riders names have been added by default as an example.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must enter the rider(s) names spelled EXACTLY as they appear on the “Riders list” tab, otherwise no info will appear.

The “Riders list” tab also shows the top 5 riders per the NPS League tables (just for the upgradeable categories).

When you have entered the name(s), click the “Apply” button at the bottom of the parameters pane, and you may hide the parameters pane by clicking the little arrow near the top right.

Further notes:
This utility helps to show if a rider can be competetive in the next category up, ie; how close to the top 15 riders Average race time they may finish
It also shows the time gap (if any) between their projected time and the next-category-up race time of either the 15th or last placed rider (ie; if there are less than 15 riders in the race), and also what their projected finishing position may be.

This analysis is based upon performance in the previous season, ability/performance can increase/decrease in the following year so this is a guideline only.