Warm conditions for the Enduro National Championships

The 2022 Enduro National Championships was held at Ravensdale, County Louth on 16-17 July 2022. Practice for all stages was available on the Saturday. Sunday was race day with riders starting in groups every 5 minutes. The riders had to complete their stages in order and only had one attempt to do so. Over 250 riders had registered and they enjoyed the heat wave with temperatures on both days at 24 degrees or more. Not very comfortable when riding with a full face helmet but the trails were in great condition. Well done to all the riders who took part. A big thanks to Glyn and Catherine and to all the crew for hosting the event. Thanks to the Rosewood Bar for allowing the riders to park there all weekend, including camping on site.

Below are the results from the national championship categories.

JUNIOR MEN (14-16)
1 – Callum Morris
2 – Ruairi Steele
3 – Darragh Ryan

1 – Gregory Callaghan
2 – Kelan Grant
3 – Gary Donaldson

WOMEN (14+)
1 – Leah Maunsell
2 – Maeve Baxter
3 – Hannah Mullin

UNDER 21 MEN (17-20)
1 – Ben Wilson
2 – Brendan Conroy
3 – Shane O’Sullivan

1 – Philip Mullan
2 – James Macferran
3 – Jason Murphy

1 – Glyn O’Brien
2 – Conor Campbell
3 – Michael Cowan

1 – Brendan Masterson
2 – Joe Ward
3 – Stanley Callaghan

Full results here

Commissaire: Martin Grimley
Report by: Martin Grimley

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