UPDATED: IMPORTANT NOTICE: Nominations and Motions for this years Offroad AGM

Thank you all very much for your Nominations and Motions for this years AGM of the Offroad Commission. We hope the clearer structure of the Commission going forward will prove useful for developing the sport and supporting riders into the future.

Here are the Motions to be entered for discussion at the AGM. Please read and have your positions clear for Saturday:

I, Adrian Finnegan, 14LC0050, propose that the Irish NPS Series have standardised prize money for the Senior 1 categories. For example, Sterling 1st place £100, 2nd place £75, 3rd place £50 Euro 1st: E125, 2nd place E95, 3rd E60

I, Adrian Finnegan, 14LC0050, propose that each club hosting an NPS pay a fee to join the league. There are 5 rounds for 2015, each club pays £200 to join (totalling £1000). At the end of the season a prize pot is divided amongst the Senior podium such that: S1: 1st = £300; S1:2nd = £150; S1: 3rd = £50. To qualify for the Prize Fund you must compete in ALL ROUNDS. You cannot drop one. Best (n-1) results count for the league win, meaning you might get first place on race day, but if you dropped a round, you wouldn’t be eligible for the Prize Fund as you must do all rounds. S1 women receive the same Prize Fund, based on same rules.

I, Adrian Finnegan, 14LC0050, propose that the NPS Series be won by attending ALL of the rounds. There is no “Best of X”. if there are 5 rounds, its is all the points accumulated from 5 rounds.

I, Iain Smith, 14LC0095, propose that a minimum age limit for sponsorship is adopted for riders in all Offroad disciplines. As a number of us are worried about ”sponsonship” of riders with some as young as 12 now being sponsored which is irresponsible, by placing very young riders in a position, where placings in races is put before having fun,which at that age is what the basis of the sport is about.

I, Gary Williams, 14LC0794, propose that The seeding run in the downhill series should carry points.

I, Gary Williams, 14LC0794, propose that the practice of xc riders should not interfere with people already on the track racing, anyone caught getting in racers way should incur a time penalty

I, Gary Williams, 14LC0794, propose that the iDMS should go out to tender and be run by an independent body as in 2012

Nominations for Commission Roles close tomorrow evening at 7pm (Wednesday 22nd of October) for all roles. Nominations will be posted afterward tomorrow evening.

Thank you
The Offroad Commission

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