2013 Offroad Commission AGM Minutes

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First of all; a few thanks.

To everyone who made it to the AGM on the day, thank you for attending, your input was greatly appreciated.

The commission would like to take this opportunity also to thank Richard Lynch and Richard Thornhill, who resigned their posts, for their efforts in the past and to welcome Kevin Ryan as the new Downhill Coordinator.

Following Richard Lynch’s departure from the Commission, Aine Conneff has stepped in as acting as Chairperson in addition to her role as Treasurer. if anyone would like to join the commission by taking up either the Chairperson or Treasurer’s positions, please get in touch via the commission email stating which post you would like to be considered for.

See the attached minutes of the AGM below for the summary of what was discussed and outcome of the motions debated.

CI-ORC AGM 2013 Minutes


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