Bikestore Evolved – Unit8BMX!



Bikestore Evolved – Unit8BMX!



The has been back for more this year, new team (well mostly) and a new name. The BMX side of is getting rebranded – is born.


This is good news for BMX Racing in Ireland, for the first time in 30 years we have an Irish outlet selling high quality BMX Race bikes and parts, sure they do street bikes too but then nobody is perfect.


Unit8BMX has a long Irish BMX history. Darragh Butler, the owner, has been involved in the Irish BMX scene since the early 80′s when he was a racer, freestyler and general BMX fanatic like the rest us. Even when BMX died here in the late 80′s his band got called Kerbdog after the 80′s California Skyway Team that became known as Curb Dogs.




Now, nearly 30 years later, while Mr. Butler is sitting in his office he gets to ogle his restored 80′s Skyway TA and his replica 80′s Skyway TA … there’s a few people around that would kill to get their vintage little hands on those two.


When Irish BMX Racing re-emerged in November 2011 out at Ratoath, Bikestore where there. They sponsored the Ratoath club and track, they brought the UK Haro team including Elite rider Grant Hill to the first race, they sponsored an Irish team in the very first year of BMX being back but most importantly they went and sourced race bikes when we couldn’t get them anywhere else in the country and if they didn’t have what you wanted they went and found it. Some riders even got to go to UK Nationals and the Worlds in Birmingham in part because of Bikestore’s support.



For 2013 season supported by Haro UK  have a new team, Unit8 Haro, all on the new sleek Haro Blackout frames.


Aaron Edwards, the only returning team member, is currently leading the 15′s with five out of five wins.




Matthew Malone in the 14′s, is right in the mix even after missing two Nationals. Rumour has it that he has his eyes on something a little more challenging in the near future.




Adam Davis has been winning everything in sight but is currently injured with his second collar bone mishap of the year.




Daniel Barker, the youngest team member is another very consistent rider, nearly always on the podium in the 11′s. Together the team are currently in the thick of it, battling for the National Team Trophy with the other 17 teams in the competition.



All that’s needed now to bring the story full circle is for a certain team manager to put on a helmet and come race again.






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