CI National Championships Procedures

Please see below news item from Cycling Ireland re; National Championships.

A further update will be issued upon the review of the submitted Offroad rules additions to the Cycling Ireland procedures.

National Championships Procedures

( Excluding Youth Championships)


1) Entries must close at least 7 days in advance.


2) Entries only accepted from those with an IRL code.


3) Minimum of 12 entries for event to go ahead, 6 for junior championships, with medals and championship jersey. In the case of team events e.g. team pursuit, then a minimum of 6 teams comprising riders from the same club / team must be entered. (see pt 5 below).


4) If less than 6 starters (individual or teams as referred to in 3 above) then whilst the event will still be a National Championship only the following awards will be made,


4 or 5 riders 1st and  2nd place medals only.

3 or less riders 1st place medal only

No jersey awarded in either of above.


5) If the discipline has less than 3 same discipline events promoted during that season then no jersey awarded. (e.g. hill climb)


6) For the podium ceremony only a presentation jersey will be used.


7) A rider can only be awarded one championship jersey in any one year.


8 ) A log to be maintained by the CI Logistics Officer of championship entries, number of starters etc.


9) Winner to contact CI Logistics Officer following the event to claim jersey if the appropriate criteria is satisfied.


10) Championship events with less than 6 entries or less than 6 starters for two consecutive years will be removed from the list of Championship events.


11) A written submission must be made by a commission to the Board for the reinstatement of a championship event or introduction of a new championship event.  Such a submission must be made prior to 31st December for inclusion in the following year’s list of events.


12) If accepted by the Board then such an event will be deemed to be a “demonstration” event.


13) The Board will appoint an observer to report on the “demonstration” event in order that a decision can be made as to the validity of the event to go forward as a championship event.

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