2012 Cycling Ireland Fees

The various fees for 2012 have been published by Cycling Ireland
The fees document can be viewed HERE

Fees include such aspects as

  • Member licence fees
  • Day Licence fees
  • Club affiliation fees
  • Championship fees
  • Letter of indemnity fee
1. Restricted Competition refers to Track, Off-road, BMX, Bicycle Polo or TT specific domestic licences.
2. “Attached” refers to being a member of a Cycling Ireland affiliated club, “Unattached” refers to not 
being a member of a Cycling Ireland affiliated club;
3. Members are advised that Provincial Executives set their own levies.
4. Exchange rate to be used for sterling will be the average for the year to 31st October 2011.
The main changes from the 2011 fees are:
A €5 increase on all Senior Licences.   The rationale for these increases is primarily the need to cover the 
base costs of serving members and provided new services/facilities, by way of example insurance costs 
alone have increased from €93k in 2010 to €140k in 2011
That the club sponsorship fee is removed as it is a penalty on clubs who have used their initiative to raise 
funds, other affiliation fees to remain unchanged.
For 2012 Juniors will be categorized separately, with JR in their licence (if they take out a full competition 

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