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Win for Seymour at Round 3

Round 3 of the Fixx SuperCross cup brought the riders to Ballawley park south Dublin. Heavy rains all week had flooded parts of the course and made them unusable.

However as Sunday came around the course had dried out, and the Supercross team had marked out an excellent testing course for the riders.

Punctures and rear mech destruction brought an end to some people’s race, but not series leader Robin Seymour who went on to take a commanding victory over Sean O’Tuathail and Tim O’Reagan. At the race start Seymour was led out of the start by young rider Paddy Michel who had a strong start, and went on to claim victory in the junior category..



Provisional results:

A Race: LINK

B Race: LINK


Race pictures at Adrian Van Der Lee’s website:

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Tymon Report

2014′s Tymon park Supercross event saw the return of the “Spriral of Confusion, and some excellent new course modifications to ensure close tight racing from a packed out race.

With over 100 riders in the B race alone, approximately 80 in the A race and new for the SuperCross event was the kids race which saw over 50 kids of all ages.

In the main race it was Ray O’Shaughnessy who took off like a bolt of lightening to lead the first lap, with the rest of the field starting to form into chasing groups.

It wasn’t long however before the winner of round 1, Robin Seymour pushed through to the head of the race, and worked hard to stay away from Sean O’Tuathail chasing in 2nd, Sean who was the winner of last weeks round of the Ulster CX series is really finding good form this season despite having a cold, and there was clear air between him and the chasing pack lead by Antóin “Zippy” Ó Dúill.

In the Ladies A race it was another strong performance by Fran Meehan to take the win, with Natalie Grieve in 2nd.

Chasing pack

Chasing pack

Link to results:

A Race

B Race


pics: Gareth Gibbons and Sean Rowe

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Nationals Aftermath

Hi all,

Quick request, if you could please avoid using the nationals course for the next 2-3 weeks please.

Obviously we cannot stop you, we’d like to let the ground heal up fully so as the park can return to its original state. If you are going to visit the park, which we highly advise, please try to ride in some of the wooded sectors, avoid the grass on the main straight and maybe go and visit the jump park down by the Bull Island Causeway.

Hopefully see you all for some summer events at some stage in the park.


Cyclocross Nationals Media

I’ll update as more comes out, but this post will contain all media related to the 2012 Irish CX Nationals:


Irish Cyclocross Nationals Senior Men, Vets, Women, Juniors Results and B-races

Championship Races Results (.xls)

B_race Results (Men, Women, Underage) (.xls)

Sadly our laptop died a death on the last lap, so we may not have your last lap times, however the placings are correct:

Position Name Surname
1 Robin Seymour
2 Roger Aiken
3 Matthew Adair
4 Evan Ryan
5 Anthony Doyle
6 Daragh Mortimer
7 Stuart Galloway
8 Ciaran Bucke
9 Robert Scanlon
10 Niall O’ Hara
11 Gerard Wolfs
12 Timothy O’Regan
13 Sean Downey
14 Jason Henry
15 Sean O’ Tuathail
16 Colm Ahern
17 Mark McGauley
18 Gareth Gormley
19 Drew McKinley
20 Keith Meghan
21 David O’Neil
22 John McCarthy
23 Murt Rice
24 Brian McCarthy
25 John Dempsey
26 Michael Cowan
27 Don Travers
28 Gary Sheils
29 Damien Duggan
30 Paul Norton
31 Luke Manning
32 Redmond O Toole
33 Graham Hand
34 Peter Doyle
DNF Kenny Bucke
DNF Andrew Newman
Position Name Surname
1 John Bogues
2 Peter McConville
3 Johnny McCabe
4 Nigel Elder
5 Stephen Moffitt
6 William Mulligan
7 Mark Kenny
8 Colm Bracken
9 Fred McSorley
10 Donough O’Keffe
11 Declan McCabe
12 Richie Byrne
13 Mark Bartley
Position Name Surname
1 Ciara McManus
2 Claire Oakley
3 Gill Smith

Start Grid for Irish National Cyclocross Championships 2012

The following gridding applies for the 2012 Championship race.

Order Name Club Ranking
1 Robin Seymour Team WORC 1s
2 Roger Aiken Banbridge 1u
3 Evan Ryan Team WORC 2s
4 Matt Adair U 2u
5 John Bogues Phoenix 3u
6 Peter McConville Newry 4u
7 Sean O’Tuathail Bray 5s
8 Jason Henry U 5u
9 Stuart Galloway Team WORC 8s
10 Sean Downey Cycleways 9s
11 Johnny McCabe Cucullen 10u
12 Anthony Doyle U 10s
13 Dave O’Neill Team WORC 11s
14 Niall O’ Hara 14s
15 Tim O’Regan 15s
16 Andrew Newmann Team WORC 16s
17 Robert Scanlon Team WORC 19u 19s
18 Gareth Gormley Rocky Mtn 20s
19 Drew McKinley Newry 21u
20 Luke Manning IMBRC 21s

National Cyclo Cross Championships, Timetable of events

Cyclo Cross National Championships 2012

Date: Saturday 7th January 2012

Venue: St Annes Park Raheny Dublin

Oganiser: Robin Seymour

Promoting Club: Team-WORC

Paul Watson – Commissaire President
Gary McIlroy – Commissaire
Pat Moss – Commissaire

Entries: Closing Date 6pm Tuesday 3rd January 2012


9.30am    Registration Opens
10.30 am Course Open for Practise
11.30am Registration Closes, Course closed for Practise
11.30am Race 1, Under 16, Under 14, Under 12, Non Championship Men [b race]
12.20am Course re open for Practise, [Race 2 only]
1.00pm Race 2, Senior Men, Veteran Men, Ladies Championship Category Junior men
2.30pm Awards Ceremony

Please note change to the Ladies Start time, as a championship it will be included in the senior race

Entry List and  Start List to follow..