Cyclo-cross communiqué for event organisers and commissaires

2022 looks to be one of the busiest cyclo-cross seasons to date, including the return of the UCI C2 race at Clonmel in October and a round of the UCI World Cup coming to Dublin in December. Provincial championships are set for 18 December with the National Championships on 14/15 January 2023. This is also the first year for the national series with events on 19 November, 26 November, 28 December and 7 January.

The commission is keen to get a standard for racing across the whole of Ireland. The following communiqué is a guide for race organisers and commissaires.

Race numbers
Race plates – fitted to the bike – for Under 6s to Under 12s
Shoulder numbers for Under 14s, Under 16s and adults. All U14, U16 and adults to race on the full course.
If there is a separate mountain bike race then the riders can have a race plate fitted.

Race results
Event organisers are asked to provide results for all races, from Under 8s up to the adults. Results should show the rider’s name and club (if applicable). Riders who do not finish should be shown as DNF.
For the Women and Men’s A’ race, there should be a sub-category for the rider’s age e.g. Junior, Master, M40, M50 etc.
The results should be presented with lap times (if available) and stored on a website. A link to the results can then be used on social media sites. This is to provide a more permanent location for the results and allow riders who don’t use social media to find out their results.
Example – here

For races which are part of series (Munster league, Leinster league etc.), have details on the series website for:
• What points are allocated to positions
• How many rounds count towards the overall series
• What happens in the event of a tie on points for the top positions (joint winners or based on result at the last race etc.)

Race administration
• Event organisers are asked to apply for their race permit as soon as possible through the Cycling Ireland portal. The date will then be approved.
• Organisers then need to upload their risk assessment. The risk assessment needs to be approved as well.
• Organisers should apply more than 7 days in advance for an insurance indemnity.

Race entry system
All race organisers should be using the Eventmaster system. For support getting your event set up on Eventmaster contact

A reminder, in a cyclo-cross race no feeding is allowed. Feeding is where someone hands the rider a bottle, gel or other refreshment anywhere on the course. A rider can stop in the pits (one foot on the ground) and pick up his/her own bottle. A bottle can be carried on the bike, gels/snacks can be carried by the rider. The key point is that the riders is not “fed” by another person. The penalty for this is disqualification.

Mechanical Assistance
No mechanical assistance or bike changes to any riders is permitted on the course except in the pit area. Once past the pit exit a rider must continue in the race direction to the next pit entrance.  

Course design reminders
• A cyclo-cross course should be between 2.5 km and 3.5 km in length.
• The minimum width of the course (on the ground) should be 3 metres.
• The start should be at least 6 metres wide for 150 metres.
• The finish should be at least 4 metres wide for 100 metres to the finish line.
• U-turns on the course shall be installed and protected such as riders may not hold on to the pole or on the barrier in the centre of the U-turns
• The course may include a single section of planks. This obstacle must consist of two planks placed minimum 4 metres and maximum 6 metres apart. The planks must be solid for their
entire height, without sharp edges and not made of metal. They must have a maximum height of 40 cm and extend the entire width of the course.

Starting procedure
• All riders must have one foot on the ground on the start line
• The starter should call from behind the view of riders
o “Two minutes to go”
o “One minute to go”
o “30 seconds”
o At 15 seconds to go the starter should say “Anytime in the next 15 seconds on the whistle”.
o There should be no further countdown

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