Abby Steacy gets GHP’ed



 Abby Steacy gets GHP’ed





It’s been obvious for awhile now that young Abby Steacy has been getting faster and faster as the weeks go by, the regular trips to the British BMX Series are starting to pay off. She always looks pretty trick too in her stealthy mirrored goggles and matching gear so understandably it was only a matter of time before she got noticed by the talent scouts.


Neil Anyon from Greg Hill Products UK (GHP UK) has had an eye on Abby since the 2013 Manchester National and has seen the improvements, so much so that since the Preston round of the British Series Abby is now officially part of the GHP UK team! You couldn’t pick a better place for a young female BMX racer to be, she will be surrounded by brilliant female BMX talent. It’s not hard to get inspired by British Champion Louise Abbott or World #7 Libby Smith. If that’s not enough, GHP UK have also got one of the most naturally gifted BMX riders of our generation in French man Denis Teullet on the team.


 Abby meeting her new team.


 Abby in action in the UK



Greg Hill, the man behind GHP, is a legend in the BMX world. Greg dominated the Pro BMX ranks during the 1980′s winning countless titles in the US and internationally. Now Greg spends his time designing new products and training young riders. Greg will be in the UK coaching in the near future, be nice to Abby and she might hook you up.


 Greg Hill in front as always



As you can imagine, Abby’s dad, Keith, is pretty delighted too “We are so happy for the chance, a big thanks to all at GHP UK for making Abby’s dream come true”. Keith will be travelling with Abby to the remainder of the 2014 UK Nationals and on into the 2015 series. Hopefully, they will bring some of Abby’s new team mates to this side of the Irish Sea for some racing and clinics. Mr. Teullet would love Ireland.


Abby will be rocking the GHP colours and the delicious 2014 GHP fame at a track near you soon, form an orderly queue to stare in jealously.





 Denis Teullet has got skills!


 Abby’s new team mates.




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