Sticky Bottle – 5th February 2014



Sticky Bottle article 5 February 2014



By Gerard Cromwell


With Cycling Ireland’s ongoing attempt to build the country’s first ever velodrome kicked down the road for another couple of years by the government at a meeting last week, Dundalk based Cuchulainn Cycling Club have taken matters into their own hands.


They have announced plans to construct their own international standard velodrome in conjunction with Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT) and Cycling Ireland.


The three bodies plan to apply together for a sports capital grant from the Government by the end of this month, which could raise between €300,000 and €500,000 if successful.


Cycling Ireland appears to welcome the plan, though it has pushed the idea of a bigger velodrome in Dublin for some time. While the federation is continuing to study the Dundalk plan for a 250 metre track, it is expected to join Cuchulainn CC and DKIT in their efforts to seek as much funding as possible from the Government.


 Video of new facility in Dundalk for proposed 250 metre velodrome in old JJB Sports building now in control of NAMA



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