2011 Offroad AGM Report

Thanks to all who attended the 2011 Offroad AGM.

The minutes from the AGM can be viewed HERE.

The reports presented at the AGM can be viewed HERE

Congratulations to the various award winners also.
Riders were awarded trophies for the XC and DH NPS and National Champs, the XC Leinster League and the various special awards as follows:


Rider/Event awards:

Best XC Competitor 2011    Mickey Dardis
Best DH Competitor 2011   Greg Callaghan
Best XC Race 2011               IMBRC Slade NPS
Best DH Race 2011              YellowWater NPS (PlushMTB and Colin Finley)
Best MTB Event 2011         The EPIC Blast

Outstanding Leinster club volunteers:

IMBRC: Colm Keane
EPICDH: Adam Tynan
EPICMTB: Ger Jackson
Team W.O.R.C.: Robin Seymour
Racing 795: The “phantom” of 795
FlowMTB: Liam O’Sullivan
MADMTB: Dave Senior
Ratoath BMX Club
Cuchulainn CC: Tony Kelly

Special awards for Outstanding promotion of Irish Mountainbiking in 2011:
Irish MTB could very easily remain totally invisible to the world if it weren’t for people having the drive and enthusiasm to do something to make a big difference to how MTB is perceived outside of the forests we race in. Be it making promotional/documentary videos, getting international exposure for events, or writing great race reports – it all makes a difference so we’d like to recognise some of these people:

EPIC MTB: This award goes to a club for elevating Irish MTB to a whole new level in terms of participation, sponsorship and media coverage with international exposure on Freecaster, Dirt website and all over Facebook.
Nobody ever dreamed that they would be pursued off a Wicklow mountain by a helicopter and the World’s fastest mountainbiking brothers all the way down the savage custom made singletrack but the these lads and ladies made it all possible and all riders on the day had a great brilliant biking which is what it is all about.

Adam Tarbett from FlowMTB for his informative & exciting reporting on the Irish DH races throughout the race season, and also for his rider interviews and bike reviews.  Adam always made an effort to write a unique and exciting report for each race which really helps build the atmosphere around the DH race scene.

Through the Roots team for documenting the growth of the Irish DH racing scene via their film and all the associated film clips featuring riders from various clubs in locations around the country.
The lads made this film as a college project but it grew to something of a much greater importance and exposure within the DH MTB community.
They hope to submit the film to one of the amateur film festivals so we wish them the best of luck with it and want to thank them for giving DH this valuable exposure.

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