Win for Seymour at Round 3 0

Win for Seymour at Round 3

Round 3 of the Fixx SuperCross cup brought the riders to Ballawley park south Dublin. Heavy rains all week had flooded parts of the course and made them unusable. However as Sunday came around the course had dried out, and the Supercross team had marked out an excellent testing course for the riders. Punctures and rear mech destruction brought an end to some people’s race, but […]

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Tymon Report 0

Tymon Report

2014′s Tymon park Supercross event saw the return of the “Spriral of Confusion, and some excellent new course modifications to ensure close tight racing from a packed out race. With over 100 riders in the B race alone, approximately 80 in the A race and new for the SuperCross event was the kids race which saw over 50 kids of all ages. In the main […]

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Last bit of Media 0

Last bit of Media

Video from the folks at Sense the Adventure:

Nationals Aftermath 0

Nationals Aftermath

Hi all, Quick request, if you could please avoid using the nationals course for the next 2-3 weeks please. Obviously we cannot stop you, we’d like to let the ground heal up fully so as the park can return to … Continue reading

Cyclocross Nationals Media 0

Cyclocross Nationals Media

I’ll update as more comes out, but this post will contain all media related to the 2012 Irish CX Nationals: