2023 Irish Cyclo-cross announcement

The cyclo-cross season draws near with the first events kicking off mid-September. Host clubs are asked to get their event permits put in through their Cycling Ireland club portal. We are keen to get an all-Ireland calendar put together as soon as possible. If you need any advice on setting up the event or a course please get in touch with Paul cyclocross@offroadcyclingireland.ie.


UCI C2 Clonmel
As per last year the UCI C2 event will take place at Clonmel Co. Tipperary. This year the event will take place over the weekend 15-16 October 2022. This date will be kept exclusive with no other cyclo-cross races given permission to host that weekend.

National Cyclo-cross Championships 2023
This National CX Championships will be held at the McCrystal Track in County Louth over the weekend of 14-15 January 2023.

As in previous years, riders will be racing the cyclo-cross season in the category they will be in on 1st January next year.

Seniors – those born 2004 or earlier
Juniors – those born 2005 or 2006
Under 16s – those born 2007 or 2008
Under 14s – those born 2009 or 2010
Under 12s – those born 2011 or 2012
Under 10s – those born 2013 or 2014
Under 8s – those born 2015, 2016, 2017 etc.

Senior riders can be further broken down into:
2001-2004 Espoir
1984-2000 Senior
1974-1983 M40
1964-1973 M50
1940-1963 M60


Junior men
One of the feedbacks from the 2021 season was that our Junior men are missing out on the skills of winning a cyclo-cross race. This season we are obliging all Junior men to start in the B’ race. They have to win a B’ race in order to race in the A’ race. The upgraded riders will be kept on a list centrally to aid all race organisers. It is hoped this measure will help develop these riders.

Rider upgrades – Men’s B’ race
It was also agreed that there should be an all-Ireland grading system so that riders who have been upgraded in any provincial cyclo-cross race are then upgraded across all provinces. Again, this list will be kept centrally for all race organisers to use.

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