Third notification of the 2018 Cycling Ireland Off-road Commission AGM

This is the third notification of Cycling Ireland Off-road Commission Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Details of the nominations and motions are shown below.
The meeting will take place on Saturday 20 October 2018 – Carlton Hotel Dublin Airport. Meet at 11:45 with start time at 12:00. Tea and coffee will be available at the break, however, there is no lunch scheduled so make sure you eat before you arrive.


Who can attend?

All members of Cycling Ireland clubs can attend however only nominated delegates from the clubs are entitled to vote. All attendees must sign in with their name, club, and licence number. Attendees must have a current Cycling Ireland licence. The number of delegates per club is based on club size as provided by the Cycling Ireland office.  The meeting will be chaired by the outgoing chair person, Damien Duggan.


12:00 Welcome
Looking back on 2018
Review of the minutes from 2017/18 AGM (link to minutes here)
XC report
CX report
<tea break>
13:00 DH report
Enduro report
Women’s report
The year ahead


No nominations

I, Lisa Millar, Licence number LM0206754, would like to nominate Martin Grimley for the position of Secretary.

No nominations

Downhill co-ordinator
I, Derek Cowan, Licence number 18LC0924, would like to nominate Shay Fitzpatrick, for the position of DH Coordinator.

Cross-country co-ordinator
No nominations

Cyclo-cross co-ordinator
No nominations

Enduro rep
I, Ian Brown 18LC0082(M40) would like to nominate STEPHEN McDONALD for the position of enduro rep

Women’s rep
I,Trish Doyle, Licence Number 18LC2610, would like to nominate Sylvia Gallagher as Women’s Rep in Offroad Commission for 2019.

Commission member
No nominations


I, Glyn O’Brien,18A40611 would like to put forward the following motion.
Full face helmets to be made compulsory for Enduro racing.
A. All categories.
B. Under 18 riders only.

I, Glyn O’Brien,18A40611 would like to put forward the following motion.
An E-bike category to be introduced for Enduro racing.
There has been a demand from riders to introduce an E-bike category for several years now. E-bikes sales have been increasing therefore getting more people into our sport. E-bike racing has already taken off in other parts of the world and will be part of the future for off road cycling, so it’s time we embraced that fact.
For Enduro racing the following rules would apply:
One category for all ages and abilities regardless of bike suspension or power output.
Minimum of 14 years old.
Ride the full lap inc all stages of the main Enduro race.
Receive times for stages and overall journey.
No medals, podiums or championship points at any event.
Spare battery packs can be carried if required.

I, Glyn O’Brien,18A40611 would like to put forward the following motion.
To provide a Tech number plate for parents/guardians of riders in the Youth category – 12/13 years old.
Only if requested by parent/guardian.
To Escort Youth rider around course.
To ensure parents/guardians are covered by Cycling Ireland insurance.


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