Third notification of the 2022 Cycling Ireland Off-road Commission AGM

This is the third notification of Cycling Ireland Off-road Commission Annual General Meeting (AGM) which takes place on Monday 5 September 2022 at 20:00 via Zoom. 
Details of the nominations and motions are shown below.
Registration for the AGM closes on Sunday 4 September 2022 at close of play.
All members of Cycling Ireland clubs can attend however only nominated delegates from the clubs are entitled to vote. Registration will be done online (link here).

I, David O’Neill, 22A40078, wish to nominate Geoffrey Robinson Bray Wheelers for the position of Chair

I, Redmond O’Toole, Licence number 22A30879 would like to nominate Colm Mullen for the position of treasurer.
I, David O’Neill, 22A40078, wish to nominate Colm Mullen Team Worc for the position of Treasurer

I, Paul Birchall, 22A40022, nominate Chris O’Callaghan, for the role of downhill co-ordinator.
I Stephen Donnellan, Licence number 22LC0420, would like to nominate Bernie Commins for the position of Downhill coordinator. 

I, Martin Grimley, Licence number CS-0188922 would like to put forward the following motion.
I’d like to drop Under 12s as a championship category for the cross-country national championships. I feel the Under 12s don’t need the extra pressure of a national championship status. For the XC national championships we have Under 6s, 8s and 10s as ‘fun’ events. It would be good to include Under 12s in this. This puts cross-country in line with downhill and cyclo-cross with regards to the age when championship categories start (i.e. Under 14). This also aligns to what British Cycling do.

I, Terence O’Neill, Licence number 22LC0183 would like to put forward the following motion. That the Off Road Commission carry out a review of race day schedules and category groupings for NPS and CX and XC National Championship races.

I, Glyn O’Brien, Licence number 22A40084. Would like to put forward the following motion. Lower the minimum age for Enduro to 12 by the 31st December in the current year. Currently its 12 at the time of the event.

I, Jamie Morris, Licence number CS-0233939 would like to put forward the following motion: that cycling Ireland establish
A criteria for DH world championships qualification is published at the end of race season to allow riders to organise themselves for the following racing year
Clearly state whether it is results based or just attendance at these events
State If C1 category events in UK are acceptable for qualification or is it just European/world events
They have someone in place on the selection committee that knows riders abilities should a rider be injured during the season but still deserves a place on the team.
A CI development officer in place for DH riders to help them throughout the year
Establish open and honest communications with riders.

I, Jenny Deakin, licence number CS-0288752, would like to put forward the following motion(s):
1. That Cycling Ireland publish the selection criteria for representing Ireland at the World Downhill Championships annually, at the end of the previous downhill racing season, so that riders have adequate time to plan their racing calendar to achieve the criteria.
2. That the published selection criteria contain clear information on:
the number and type of events and the period of assessment that is considered in the criteria 
the number of positions available to be filled, and the method of selecting riders in the event that more riders apply than there are positions available.
the available funding to support the riders and how it will be distributed amongst them
3. That in the interests of keeping costs down for junior riders interested in trying for selection, the selection criteria be weighted towards the BDS and C1 events in the UK, or equivalent. 
4. That in the interests of growing the sport nationally, Cycling Ireland commit to selecting enough riders from those that meet the minimum qualifying criteria to fill all the available world championship places, and that juniors and women should always be represented, even if that means the funding per rider is reduced. 
5. That in the implementation of the selection criteria, Cycling Ireland make provision for riders that have been injured, and were off the bike during the qualifying period, but that would otherwise be widely expected to meet the selection criteria.
6. That Cycling Ireland put a pathway and a development programme in place for encouraging and assisting junior downhill riders to achieve the required standard.  

I, Friederike Burmester, license number CS-0304001, would like to put forward the following motions:
1. That there is funded training for downhill to further develop the potential of upcoming riders and give our high performance riders more support. It would also be great to have access to Iain Dyer the High Performance Director
2. That there is funding for more downhill races in Ireland and the development of at least one category 1 track for international races. Downhill and enduro have gained so much popularity with races sold out in record time.

I, Dominic Schone, Licence number 22LC1486 would like to put forward the following motions: 
#1 That it is made very clear, at the end of the preceding season, as to what the criteria exactly are for a rider to be considered for competition at events such as the world championships. 
a) That along with these criteria, that Cycling Ireland publishes a list of what British and European events are considered category 1 etc. so that it is known what events need to be raced at in order to be eligible to be considered for racing at world championships. Ideally some British events be on the list to make it more feasible for riders to meet the criteria. It should also be stated whether strong results in Irish downhill races, particularly the national championships, are a key factor or not.
b) That it is outlined how many spots will be available for each category (men’s, women’s, juniors) to compete at world championships. This is to give everyone hoping to be a selected a sense, but of course not a guarantee, of what their chances will be. 
c) That Cycling Ireland uses up all of the allocated rider spots given by UCI for world championships. This is to provide more opportunities for riders to race at this level and to guarantee spots for women’s and more spots for junior’s. 
d) That rider funding given by Cycling Ireland for world championships be given via a separate application process (or to the top 10 or so competitors). This is to avoid budget being a limiting factor of using up all racer spots offered by UCI for world championships but still provide all financial support possible.

I, Chris McGlinchey, Licence number 22A10036 would like to put forward the following motion.
Introduction of an off road pathway to international competition outside of major championship events. Eg sending a Cycling Ireland team to UCI Class 1 events to score UCI points to put in a better gridding position for major events.

I, Gareth Gibbons, Licence number 22LC2657 would like to put forward the following motion : Ladies Enduro be split into 2 categories for national championships medals; Under 40s (14 to 40) and over 40s.

I, Gareth Gibbons, Licence number 22LC2657 would like to put forward the following motion : Under 18s wearing of spinal protection for all CI sanctioned Enduro and Downhill Events.

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